Posted by TJ on 2/9/2012Tags: Fun, Recommended Resource, Reviews, Software I UseWii Remote on a Mac

I have discovered something wonderful… at least if you are geeky like me and use a Mac of some sort as your media center. I have been using a Mac Mini as my media center for some time. I use Plex as the media center software. All in all it is a good solution for us. I’m techy enough to get it set up properly, and once the hard part of setting everything up is done, it’s easy to use and navigate so my wife has no problem using it.

But I’ve never been completely happy with Apple’s remote. I did like the aluminum version a little better than the white plastic version, it seemed to have less problems getting IR signal through to the Mac. But even so it is basically the same remote with the same controls and so at times woefully inadequate.

But I just discovered something really cool. With Remote Buddy — third party remote software — you can pair a Wiimote via Bluetooth to a Mac. This is brilliant because there’s no more problems with IR and needing line of site. The Wiimote has more buttons that can be fully customized with Remote Buddy.

For instance, I have the Wiimote’s home button permanently mapped to bring up the Remote Buddy menu. The “1” button activates Plex, and the “2” button activates DVD player. And best of all, unlike the Apple IR remote, it will wake the computer from display sleep (previously my biggest frustration with Lion and remote control behavior). I highly recommend this to anyone who uses a Mac in such a way that requires a remote.