Posted by TJ on 2/10/2012Tags: Design, ExpressionEngine, HTML/CSS, Linked, Recommended ResourceExpressionEngine is Best for Web Designers

Hands down, the best part about ExpressionEngine is the flexibility. When dealing with Drupal and other CMSes I always felt that I had to jam my design into their system. In other words, build a website that would fit their narrow structure instead of building what I wanted. I needed a CMS where I didn’t have to start with a default theme and “make it work” with my design. ExpressionEngine is great because it makes no assumptions about your design. Build the site that you want without having to worry about whether it will work in the CMS, because it will.

With ExpressionEngine there are no starter templates to deal with so there is no having to modify code or override styles. I suppose some people like having templates to start from but for me I want a clean slate to work from. Markup my css file and my index template and drop it into ExpressionEngine. There is no need to worry about putting snippets of code into the correct include file, struggling with uncommented and cryptic code, or finding the line of code in the default stylesheet to change a font color. it is all 100% your markup.


Say you build a blog with ExpressionEngine, and a year later you want to build a full website onto it. With another CMS it might be a challenge but with ExpressionEngine you can build on additional sections or added features easily and at any time. Start with a blog, add some static pages, add a second blog, add a photo gallery. Whatever, whenever, and however you want.

There’s lot of good stuff in this article. I think he pretty much captures the essence of why I’m an ExpressionEngine guy and not, say, a Wordpress guy (much less Drupal or Joomla… shudder).