Posted by TJ on 5/24/2012Tags: Appstorm Writing, Linked, Recommended Resource, Reviews, Shameless PlugsMy Coda 2 Review

Upon opening Coda 2 for the first time I was pleased to see that, though obviously different, there was something fairly familiar, if slicker looking. The sites that I currently had set up in Coda 1 were all right there, waiting for me and ready to go. One really nice touch though, and one I have personally wanted for years, was the ability to organize sites into groups. I immediately did a preliminary organization. It works very simply and is quite discoverable, especially if you have ever used an iOS device. Drag a site icon onto another site icon and a group is instantly created.

Just a taste of my review of Coda 2. It’s not all roses though. Click through to read all 2,693 words of the good and the bad.