Posted by TJ on 6/14/2012Tags: Fun, Info, iOS, Linked25 UI Changes in iOS 6 Beta

iOS 6 brings to the table some of the biggest UI improvements Apple has made in the history of iOS. While some of the changes are obvious, some are more subtle. Here’s 25 new user interface changes in iOS 6.

A fun video, but keep in mind this is just the first beta of iOS 6 and these things may change.

A couple comments: thank goodness pinstripes are being toned down! Even if it’s only in the Clock and Stocks app. I will not be sorry to see those garish pinstripes purged from the entire system.

And Bluetooth on the top level of the system preferences, thank goodness!

Also, to be nitpicky: he says blue status bars can be found throughout much of the system. It actually appears from other sources online that the status bar takes on a shade of the portion of the app closest to the status bar unless the developer has specifically coded the bar to be black.

Again, to nitpick, the settings icon is exactly the same, it has not been changed at all.

Still, a fun video.