Posted by TJ on 7/20/2012Tags: Annoyances, Linked, MiscellaneousThe Email Addresses Aren’t Going Anywhere

But the changes in e-mail addresses have to be some of the more obnoxious side effects for long-time users. We can’t imagine there are many Ars readers eager to go around telling their friends and family to change their address books again. Are you one of them?

Okay, seriously I usually like Chengs work over at Ars, but this is just ridiculous. .mac email address from the very first continue to function just fine. I still have an use a .mac address as my email and Apple ID. Apple still owns the domains, and will continue to do so, so there’s no reason to throw users to the wind and make them change email addresses.

It should be noted that she did update the article with a mention that readers pointed this out. But it’s not the point. She did a poor job on the reporting, going so far as to say that it an “obnoxious side effect” when that side effect has never existed. It’s all just FUD about the issue, and that’s the sort of thing I can’t stand in news reporting these days.