Posted by TJ on 1/30/2013Tags: iOS, Opinion, The CompetitionBlackBerry 10 vs. iPhone 5

So here it is, the BlackBerry 10 OS no the BlackBerry Z10 hardware. It’s taken RIM FOREVER to get here, but I’ll say this, I have not seen anything that really looked competitive with the iPhone like this since the Palm Pre OS (was it called Web OS I think?). Yes Android folks, you read that right.

The one thing though is, I’m not sure about all these swiping gestures for key features — they just aren’t discoverable. That said, this looks like it has real potential. Also, this is notifications done right. I mean seriously, I don’t have many complaints with iOS, but one of my big ones is that Apple STILL doesn’t have notifications right (and again for you Android people, neither does Android). But I like the look of this notification system.