Posted by TJ on 2/4/2013Tags: Apple Stupidity, Fun, OS XDon’t Type This On a Mac Unless You like Crashing Apps

So… this is just about the craziest bug I have EVER seen! Seriously. If you type the following into a standard plain text entry field in OS X, the app WILL crash. I mean, CRASH!. Thankfully, I’m using WYGWAM for ExpressionEngine for entries and I can type the offending text in the WYGWAM field because it’s not a standard OS X text entry field. But I couldn’t type it in the title field for this entry because that is a standard plain text entry field. Here’s the crasher text:


Yep. don’t type that unless you want your app to crash. And it has to be with a capitol “F”. I’ve reproduced the crash in Safari, Chrome, TextEdit, Coda, and Mail. As far as I can tell, it’s any plain text entry field generated through standard OS system controls. Pretty crazy.