Posted by TJ on 3/21/2013Tags: Blog NewsNew RSS Feed

Just a little house keeping

I know I haven’t been writing much, I’ve been crazy busy. I want to get around to writing about the Google Reader shut down, but I just haven’t had the time.

No, this is just a note somewhat related to Google and RSS. I was using Google’s FeedBurner for the site’s feed. This was to keep track of the subscribers. But Google has become hostile to RSS, shutting down the user facing side of their RSS world, and they’ve been pretty negligent with FeedBurner as well. I don’t trust them with my feeds anymore. With that in mind I’m trial running a different feed service as an alternative to Google Reader that I have finally found. I wanted to trial it here before I switched MovieByte’s feeds over to it.

Everything should auto update as I have always used a 302 redirect from my feed’s actual URL. And even if you have the FeedBurner URL in your RSS reader, you should still be directed to the new feed since FeedBurner is set to send a permenant redirect.

In any event, your feed readers should be set to check the URL: and that will get you to the right feed.

The feed service I’m going with, the only solution I’ve found as a viable alternative to FeedBurner, and as far as I can tell is actually better, more simple, more focused, and gives me exactly what I want, is Check ‘em out if you are looking for an alternative to FeedBurner as well.