Pro-Choice, Pro-Pleasure, Pro-ME - ME ME ME!

Posted by TJ on 7/12/2013Tags: LifePro-Choice, Pro-Pleasure, Pro-ME - ME ME ME!

This started out as a Twitter post, but quickly grew too long to fit.

I admit that, as staunchly pro-life as I am, I have not kept up with the proceedings in Texas as much as I would like. But my Twitter stream is a pretty even split between the pro-choicers name-calling the pro-lifers, and vice versa and it keeps nagging at me to write something about it. There have certainly been mistakes on both sides in terms of appropriate behavior — we know that both sides can get rabid and passionate about where they stand. But my revulsion for the rabidity of the pro-choice side is pretty overwhelming. They are, after all, the ones that are insisting on murdering innocent, unborn children who have no voice with which to speak. I mean, sorry folks, I simply cannot get on board the train of murdering unborn children just because you had a few fleeting moments of sexual pleasure with indiscretion. Married sex or not, you had BETTER be prepared to take responsibility for your actions. Committing murder because you didn’t like the results of your pleasure is a far worse crime than sex outside of marriage. This applies even to married couples who want to get an abortion. It signifies one of the worst problems we’re faced with today — a people willing to perpetrate murder so they don’t have to deal with the fallout of their actions. It is the ultimate representation of this generation’s selfishness.

Please, please understand I mean no disrespect to rape victims who have become pregnant. I cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend what you have been through. You were wronged and sinned against in an extremely humiliating and heinous way 1. But even in this case, I fail to see how further acts of violence make things right. By murdering the unborn child of this rape, is it not punishing the wrong party? Capital punishment at that.

Rape victims aside — and I am still against abortion in cases of rape, for it is still murder — this is perhaps the most selfish and short-sighted generation of humans to walk the face of the earth. That we would sacrifice our own young, not on the alter of external false gods, but upon the alter of the god of our pleasure is one of the most damning things I can think of for any people to do.

  1. And God forbid that someone should rape my wife or one of my daughters because I would probably commit a sinful crime of my own by hunting that person down and killing them but for the grace of God. My point is, I think rape is very, very bad.