33 Years Ago

Posted by TJ on 3/19/2014Tags: Family, Grief, Life33 Years Ago

Thirty three years ago today, my mom and dad were married. Ten months and eight days later I was born. I now have seven brothers and sisters.

Over the course of their thirty two years of marriage, my mother and father showed me, and anyone who cared to look, what real love looks like. They loved each other, they loved their children, and they loved their friends. Their marriage and their life have literally shaped who I am today, and provided the role model for how I love my wife and what our marriage looks like. They provided the template and foundation, and Rachel and I reap the benefits. I learned to communicate and to love and care for my wife from my parents.

I do not pretend to know why God chose to take my mother from us last year. But I do know that he is sovereign in all things. I also know that I love my mother and I miss her very much.

Happy anniversary mom and dad!