Common Core Isn’t the Problem

Posted by TJ on 6/21/2014Tags: Opinion, PoliticsCommon Core Isn’t the Problem

The problem is not what is being taught, or in which district it’s being taught. The problem is that the state is the one doing the teaching, and this must not be. It is not a legitimate function of any state to educate, no matter what they teach, how they teach, or how they acquire the funds to do the teaching. In America it just so happens that they choose the most asinine things to teach, in the most asinine ways, and acquire the necessary funds to do so in the most immoral way possible. It’s certainly fair to complain about that, but not at the expense of the larger problem.

Yep. The problem is I’m paying for education that I neither approve of, or have any control of whatsoever. It is an immoral system.