Immigration and Executive Orders

Posted by TJ on 11/21/2014Tags: Opinion, Politics, Recommended ResourceImmigration and Executive Orders

So many people seem to be misunderstanding the issues at hand with President Obama and immigration.

Issue 1: The executive order is entirely unlawful. So are most executive orders. Big deal. I mean it is a big deal, but in the grand scheme of things, why fuss about this one? (Oh, I know, it’s because Bush didn’t give it. Bleh).

Issue 2: Congressional restriction on immigration is unlawful. They have the authority to restrict naturalization, but not immigration. We have become quite the xenophobic culture — at least on the conservative side of the isle — and we are trying to keep people out of the country. We have no right to do so. The constitution of this United States knows nothing of this “illegal” immigration which conservatives love to talk about. Immigration was always meant to be unrestricted. Also, try to remember, every single one of us who is not an American Indian descends from immigrants to this country.

Issue 3: Conservatives love to talk about what a drain illegal immigration is on our society. I beg to differ. The drain they speak of is already present, immigration just tends to really emphasize it. We have the government doing things it’s not supposed to do, providing benefits it should not be providing, meddling in things it ought not to be meddling with. “Illegal” immigrants come and take advantage of our broken system, receiving welfare, food stamps, and all manner of benefits that no one at all should be receiving. Immigrants otherwise present a net positive to our society. Without government benefits in place, they would be forced to work for their living like decent and able bodied humans should, they would use their wages to buy things, and our economy would be strengthened. So the real issue is not immigration at all, that’s just a smoke screen — a scapegoat conservatives love to point to. The real issue is the size and scope of the government and what it is doing with the money it has extorted from us.

Issue 4: Conservatives love to talk about how “illegal” aliens are already criminals and tend to do criminal things which is harmful to society. The problem is our immigration laws do indeed keep the more law abiding types out, but let in those who are cunning and tend toward illegal activities. It’s sort of like the war on drugs in that way. By criminalizing certain substances, it has been made attractive to criminal types and created a black market and trade that otherwise would not exist. Two solutions to this problem are apparent: 1). stop restricting immigration, 2). properly execute justice on immigrants the same as we do for citizens. They should not get a pass because they are not a naturalized citizen. If they steal, they should make restitution. If they kill, they should face the death penalty. If they damage property, they should repay. In short, it should be the same experience for them as it is for us natural citizens (and yeah, I realize that the justice system in general has issues which are exacerbated by immigrants).

A couple other thoughts

Are you conservatives all up in arms about “amnesty” really telling me that you want the same government you say you distrust to be in charge of restricting immigration? Why do we suddenly trust the government with the power to do that, but we don’t trust it with the power for other things? This is inconsistent. Let’s get the government out of the immigration business.

The other thing is that the Bible is not silent on the issue of foreigners in the land. There are two verses that immediately come to mind. Exodus 22:21:

Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

And Deuteronomy 10:19:

Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Note that the children of Israel were not told, make sure the paper work is in order, make sure they came here “legally” then treat them right. No, the expectation was that people would be coming and going, there would be foreigners in your midst and you must not oppress them. Seems pretty simple, really.

So let’s stop getting outraged over the wrong issues and start being outraged that this is even an issue over which Obama could illegally issue an executive order. Why were these strangers in our land considered illegal to begin with? Why are we oppressing them? We need to stop it.

Which goes right to my final “other” though. Let’s remember that these immigrants we speak of are real people that God has put here on this earth. We must treat them with the respect due to our fellow human beings. I don’t think trucking people off and dumping them back where they came from is the respect that is due to them. Unless one of these immigrants is harming you, damaging your property, or otherwise doing you harm, I suggest you shut your flapping lips and live in peace with your fellow man. Romans 12:18:

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Seeking to deport your fellow men (or women) who are not harming you in any way is not living peaceably with all men.

Lastly, I will recommend a resource to you on this very issue with only the caveat that I don’t agree with Bojidar Marinov on very many things. And yet, despite some wide chasms, I consider him a fellow laborer for Christ. And on this issue, I can wholeheartedly recommend and commend his material. Go here and listen to an episode of Apologia Radio where he and Jeff Durbin address this issue in a Biblical manner.

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