Conservative and Liberal Immigration Logic

Posted by TJ on 12/4/2014Tags: Opinion, PoliticsConservative and Liberal Immigration Logic

(by the way, the post image I used above makes me sick to my stomach)

When it comes to immigration, why do conservatives suddenly start using liberal logic and liberals start using conservative logic? Liberals argue that immigrants strengthen the economy by adding value to our workforce. Conservatives argue that we’re adding competitors to the workforce in an economy where it’s already hard to find a job.

It’s so weird because it’s like liberals suddenly understand how the economy actually works and conservatives suddenly get belligerent (well, moreso than normal) and decide that the economy does in fact work the way liberals normally say it does. They suddenly view wealth and resources as fixed, and that we are giving away that wealth and those resources to the immigrants. But that is never how any economy has ever functioned. Wealth is not a fixed resource, and work is not a fixed resource. They are fluid resources, expanding and contracting. More people in the workforce makes for a stronger economy. There’s more people working, there’s more people buying, there are more people selling, there are more people creating wealth.

We normally view competition as a good thing. But suddenly, with immigration, we view it as bad because they might come in and undercut us. But have you stopped to think that maybe you just need to up your game? I am not too worried about an immigrant taking my job. Why? Because I try to be the best at what I do. I’m paid fair wages for what I do. And if my job is taken by an immigrant, or anyone else, then I need to examine myself, my abilities, and the job that I am doing. It’s possible that an immigrant (or anyone else) could come in an undercut me, and do a poor job and ruin the company, and/or the company would wish they had not replaced me with a lower wage worker who could not do the job. But that’s all part of doing business.

Now, there is a problem with illegal immigrants in this country. It is a pre-existing problem though. I said that more people makes the workforce and economy stronger. I also said that there are more people creating wealth. In general, when the government is not involved, that’s true. But the fact is, the government is involved and creating problems. Illegal immigrants and legal immigrants have access to resources no one should, and they take advantage of it. Instead of creating wealth, they come and drain the economy by sucking tax funded benefits. You don’t have to be an immigrant to do that, so the issue is not immigration. So the answer to the problem is neither conservative nor liberal. It is an issue of free market and government interference. As in almost all things, I believe we would have a stronger economy, and a stronger nation if we would get the government out of the immigration business.

The founding fathers never envisioned the government having the right to restrict immigration, and Biblically, I cannot come up with a single reason why an expansive federal government should have any say over the free movement of peoples of any race or region. So the idea of “illegal immigration” is not even one we should entertain in the first place. Instead, let’s get the government to quit providing benefits that drain the economy. Let’s stop regulation immigration so that we only attract criminals. Let’s cut the red tape from the process and make immigration something free and clear so that others may come and strengthen the economy. Let’s stop being liberal or conservative, and instead make this country free again. Let’s remember to have compassion on people of other countries and races. Let’s stop being stupid on both sides of the aisle.