Christians Should Be Libertarians

Posted by TJ on 4/8/2015Tags: Politics, Recommended ResourceChristians Should Be Libertarians

Even Christians’ advocacy for laws against gay marriage is problematic because it rests on the assumption that the power of government can be harnessed in order to impose one group’s opinions on the rest of society. While Christians should have been defending their rights to make their own determinations on these issues, they instead tried to leverage the strong arm of government to enforce their point of view.

Clumsy, inarticulate pieces of legislation like that in Indiana will do nothing in the long run to achieve this goal.

In doing this, Christians will have to come to grips with the reality that this means they will no longer be able to use government to stop people from making poor moral decisions. They must realize that they cannot continue to try to use laws to control other people and then be surprised when the government decides to control them.

These are just some choice quotes that I enjoyed, but all of this is highly recommended and I completley agree.