DHH May Be Canceled, But He Makes Complete, Clear-Headed Sense

Posted by TJ on 11/22/2022Tags: Linked, PoliticsDHH May Be Canceled, But He Makes Complete, Clear-Headed Sense

Remember when all the noble people of the world stood up to denounce The Covid Misinformation perpetrated on Joe Rogan’s podcast? It seems like ages ago, but in fact it was just this January! And okay, it also wasn’t all the noble people. Mainly just a couple of old musicians, like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, who for a moment relived the glory days of the world’s attention, as they hammered Spotify for their awful, awful decision to let a popular podcaster have outlawed conversations on outlawed topics. In defiance of The Science and official consensus on Covid!!

…why is Spotify still trying to appease the likes of Young or Mitchell with these alarming blue warning bars pointing to information counter to that of health authorities in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark?

Because Covid in America remains a political struggle rather than a medical one, of course. A flame that continues to attract partisan moths. Despite an absolute embarrassment of specific calls that were at one time or another held by The Consensus of The Science turning out to be bunk. Does anyone need a reminder?

This has been such a huge problem. Covid, whatever it was or wasn’t, however it started, whatever real, physical effects it has or had on people, it has become entirely political here in the U.S.

Capitalizing The Science and turning it into a consensus cult has done more to undermine public trust in the House of Francis Bacon than even the atom bomb. It’s cracked the reputation of scientists who turned dogmatists, and centers for disease control and prevention captured by political directives. It’s brought eternal shame on musicians turned narrative cops, and the journalists that breathlessly backed the censorship protocol that was installed at the outset of this pandemic.

This has been my problem for quite some time. Science makes a great servant but a terrible master. Covid became an inflection point where we have consistently been told to “trust the science” when the science suspiciously backs particular, partisan view points while bending over backward so far to accommodate those view points that it’s a wonder “the science’s” back doesn’t break…