All of the Bible is for all of God’s people all the time.

~Douglas Wilson

Getting into the swing of things

I am starting to get back into the routine of things now. Though I still feel as if I need to catch up on sleep. I’m posting this from work this morning as the computer digitizes the footage. The insane pace I am trying to keep up makes it hard for me to remember that I need to study God’s word everyday. I am afraid I missed the last couple of days.

Rachel and I have been memorizing the book of James and unfortunately yesterday was the first time we have gone over it in several days. I hope we can get back into the swing of memorization soon.

My Screen Name

I came up with the screen name of Watchful not too long ago, and I really like it. I originally came up with it for the CWS Forum

. The reason I came up with it was because the situation that caused me to join that forum made me feel a bit like a Watchman. Hence the screen name Watchful. Hope you all like my screen name because it has really grown on me.

I’m Back In Tennessee

I arrived back in Tennessee yesterday at about 8:30 pm. I had spent the weekend in Illinois with my Fiancée. I brought a couch back to Tennessee with me for our new house in Lyles, TN. So I had my dad meet me there to help me unload the couch. Then I stayed there for the night instead of going back to my parents house (where I am living until we get married) since Lyles is much closer to work and I could sleep later. I needed to get caught up on sleep.

Here are two of the pictures that Rachel’s brother, David, took this weekend.