Service locator: an anti-pattern →

The service locator pattern is, in my estimation, a menace to good software design. I’d like to find time to write about it, but Brent Roose does a really good job so I’m linking to him.

I want to highlight three problems with this approach, directly caused by the use of a service locator.

  • There’s a bigger chance of runtime errors.
  • The code is obfuscated to the outside.
  • It increases cognitive load.

Let’s look at these problems, one by one.

While he focuses on cognitive load the most heavily perhaps, in my estimation, the runtime errors 1 issue is the biggest one for me. Being able to know from a static analysis standpoint whether your code should run okay or not is huge. This also factors into my love of strong typing as well — which is yet another topic for yet another day.


  1. Yes, Brent and I both know that everything is a “runtime error” in PHP, he deals with that

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