Things you might like to know about me

I posted this on Facebook, and I’m also posting it here. So if something appears to be in the context of Facebook, that’s why.

I’m writing this over my lunch break, because of some things that have happened on Facebook over the last several weeks.

In the last few months, it seems I have acquired quite a few new Facebook friends, many whom I do not know. That’s fine. The more the merrier. But I think there’s some things you should know about me, because sometimes there seems to be some confusion.

The idea of writing this sounded far less self important when I thought of it. However, hopefully without sounding too self important, allow me to go into a few things you can expect to see from me. Read if you’re interested. If not, that’s fine too. If you’re like me, you’re really busy and don’t have time to read every long winded thing on Facebook.

So here we go, a few things you should know about me:

  1. I am without apology and without compromise, first and foremost a Christian. This means I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I acknowledge my sinfulness, inherited through the sin of Adam (original sin), and my need of a Savior. God sent His Son to redeem His people, of whom, because of His grace, I can count myself among. This motivates and drives everything I do. I desire to advance the Lordship of Christ in any capacity He has called me. Christ is King!

    This is first on this list for a reason. I identify myself with Christ’s Church. There aremany churches that I count to be part of “The Universal Church” but may not hold to the specific doctrines or political views I do. Yet I still count them as brothers and sisters.

  2. I am Reformed Presbyterian in my Theological understanding. This means, among other things, that I believe in what is commonly called the Doctrines of Grace (or sometimes Calvinism). I believe in the Total Depravity of Man, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement (i.e. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross accomplished all that it was intended to — sometimes referred to as the efficacy of the atonement), Irresistible Grace, and the Perseverance of the Saints. Though not all Reformed Presbyterians are, I am Post Millennial in my understanding of eschatology. This means I believe Christ is ruling and reigning right now. He is King!

    I subscribe to The Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Westminster Standards and Confession of Faith.

    I hold to, as does the Church where I am a member, Liturgical Covenant Renewal Worship. And as a Presbyterian, I believe that the New Covenant is not only for adults, but for the families — and the Children of believers. And just as in the Old Covenant where the children were given the sign and seal of the covenant in circumcision, so too do New Covenant children receive the sign and seal of our Christian faith; that of baptism. And this is important in how we understand our Worship. We do not whisk our children away from us as soon as we enter the door of the church, to be off and worshipping apart from us. We believe that Children should worship along side us, as members of the congregation.

    And one point leads to another…

  3. I am a strong advocate for Christian education. My preferred method is homeschooling, but the primary goal is Christian education. Christian parental responsibility over a child’s education should not be abdicated. I do not believe this must be homeschooling, but that I believe that is the best way.

    But primarily, Christian parents are to raise their covenant children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Christian children do not “belong” to the parent, nor do they belong to the evil one. They belong to Christ. They are not enemies of the gospel, they are Christ’s disciples. Christian parents are to realize that the children entrusted to them are not their own but Christ’s. We are to take heed to follow the instructions of the Bible when it comes to raising our children. We are to be faithful to teach them correct and sound doctrine. In short, we are responsible for every aspect of our children’s training. We do not have the authority to abdicate and hand that off to someone else. Not to the Church, not to government schools, but we bear the weight and responsibility entirely.

  4. Politically, I am very conservative. And at this time, I am strongly “campaigning” — you might say — for Ron Paul. In fact, you will find at the moment, because I am so passionate about this, that most of my Facebook statues, updates, posts, whatever you want to call them, have to do with Ron Paul. It’s a phase I’m going through (because I believe it is very important right now), and I’ll become slightly less annoying on this topic after the elections (probably).

    Some other political points you will often see me making, and that I believe strongly:

    I do not believe it is the responsibility of government to feed the poor, to hand out welfare checks, or to meddle in our affairs for our safety. It is the Church’s responsibility to care for the poor, the fatherless, the widows. That the Church has largely abdicated her responsibilities has led to the disastrous situation we are faced with today.

    I believe we should seek to elect Godly, Christian men to office in our country on every level of government.

    I support shrinking the size and scope of the federal government.

    I believe we should return to a constitutional and Biblical monetary system. The system we have now is based on fiat currency which is unjust and unbiblical (a.k.a. unjust weights and measures; Lev 19:36; Prov 16:11).

    I believe we should only engage in Biblical, and constitutional wars.

    I support state’s rights.

    I desire to return our nation to a Biblical and constitutional foreign policy.

    However, though I am very passionate on political subjects, none should make the mistake that my faith is in politics; who wins or who looses. God is in control of whoever wins or looses. He has already written the history of the future. Nothing surprises him or catches him off guard. My faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And now, if you cared to read this, you know a little bit more about me and what to expect.