Behavior Belongs in the HTML →

You should never use the HTML event handler attributes — those are outdated, and using them is bad practice. (emphasis theirs)

This is, in my polite opinion, completely wrong. The novices are right on this one. MDN is a tremendous resource, and I understand why they recommend the second form, but combating this particular ideology is essential to rehabilitating HTML’s full functionality, and building durable applications with it. I’ll explain.

Overall, I found this to be a fantastic read with many great points that I mostly agreed with and only had slight quibbles and mild disagreements. What’s fascinating is that his thinking about making HTML more robust and inlining behavior is exactly what I love about using React as I discussed in my post/presentation on co-location.

Perhaps if we were to make HTML more robust my need and like of React would be diminished (although, pessimistically, I don’t see that happening).

Still the thinking behind this post I heartily agree with. Inline your behavior and your styling. They’re not separate concerns, and the way we’ve tried to make them all separate concerns has really distorted HTML over the years.

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